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4" Inches Tall - Brass-Kamadhenu-Cow-Statue - Housewarming Essential

4" Inches Tall - Brass-Kamadhenu-Cow-Statue - Housewarming Essential

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Hand crafted housewarming essential and a perfect gift. Brass Kamadhenu/Nandini.

According to Indian scriptures, Kamadhenu can fulfill all your wishes.

Therefore, Vastu Shastra/Feng Shui envisages keeping a Kamadhenu idol at home to bring wealth and happiness.

Kamadhenu showers health, wealth, growth, and prosperity in One's life.

Kamdhenu cow helps the devotee to achieve both spiritual and materialistic growth in life.

Dimensions: 4" Inches Tall | 4" Inches wide 


Pure Brass

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